Price Policy

The importance of pricing is due to it being the basic control in business operations, and pricing depends on many factors, the most important of which are production costs and operating expenses.

Rowatek is a company for the completion of graphic, video and websites design works and seeks profit in addition to many other objectives such as providing job opportunities and others In the context of this endeavor, Rowatek has devised several methods in determining prices for customers, which are:.

  • Determining the time taken to complete the work.
  • Pricing based on market price
  • Pricing for market penetration

The pricing policy in Rowatek takes into account the economic benefit of all parties in the implementation of the business, whether the client by ensuring that he obtains the appropriate professional work with high quality and at a cost commensurate with the prices of similar services in the global market, and Rowatek Company by obtaining operating and management expenses that ensure continuity and improve the level of service.

First: Pricing of Design Services:

The administration considers the prices of the Arab and international market in the field of design services, and accordingly, an appropriate price is determined for the customer that competes with the Arab and international market and is satisfactory to the customer at the same time. Rowatek has the right to change the price to suit the project, provided that the customer is alerted of what has been modified and the reason Amendment in order to avoid problems at the time of implementation and because modifications are necessary for the reasons mentioned previously.  And each of the customers to abide by the pricing system.

Mostly the prices of design services are calculated by the number of pages to be designed and the number of faces, and our prices are usually fixed except for the request to add some very customized things by the client.

Second: Pricing for video services:

At Rowatek, we set prices for video services that are competitive with Arab and international prices that satisfies the customer, but here in this particular section the prices cannot be fixed because each video has its own specifications that are not similar to another video, so the customer clarifies the video details.  The required and all the information related to it, and accordingly, the price of the video and the time it will take to complete the work will be determined.  In Rowatek , we depend on the pricing of the video on several things, the most important of which are: the duration of the video, and whether it will be a montage only, or does it contain some graphics, mixing work, color correction, and others.  So the price cannot be fixed.

Third: Pricing of Website Services:

Website services are an endless sea, like video services, but much more. Each website has characteristics and orders that are completely different from another site. Therefore, the website specialists at Rowatek collect what is required to be implemented from the customer and accordingly a price quote and an agreement are made.  Between the two parties (the first party: Rowatek and the second party: the client), the prices of the websites are calculated based on the programming language used in the design and development of the website, and the website pricing policy also depends on the number of pages to be designed, the number of systems included in the website, the price of Educational academic programming or an online store is not equal in price with an image-only site.