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It has become necessary to ensure the continuity of the success of your project, it is necessary to move to the world of the Internet. Therefore, we harness our efforts to provide you with optimal solutions that help you keep pace with technical development.

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Our Vision
Our Vision

Excellence in our field of work by providing advanced and modern technical services to our clients.

Our Message
Our Message

Rowatek seeks to keep pace with global development by harnessing the latest software technologies.

Our Goal
Our Goal

We always strive to provide the best technical services and digital solutions.

Develop your identity and make it stick in mind!

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Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Integrated Services

Starting from design to goal

Save time and money

We offer you reasonable prices with excellent quality

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What is Rowa Group company?

 We Rowa Group, offer distinguished services and always strive to be the best among the companies. We have a distinguished work team, with experience ranging from 5 to 8 years.

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Are you looking for a company you can trust?

If you want to design a website, or if you need to increase your sales, or want to install a fingerprint attendance system or a monitoring system… then you are in the right place.
Our enthusiasm to work in Rowatek is reflected in the services we provide to you. We believe in our ability to make the world a better place through our high quality products, which make a better impact on the world.

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From icons to branding

Bring your message to life and influence your target audience through visual expression. When you believe in your ability to change cultures and make the world a better place, you can do it, and this is what we try to do through high quality products that carry the values that we influence in society.

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Real solutions to provide radical solutions

Website design and development

Designing websites and stores with an attractive appearance, with ease of browsing and flexibility of the site


Own a distinguished position among your competitors with a distinctive brand identity, attractive colors and a logo that your customers will never forget.

Application programming

We work on programming your application, whether it is Android or iOS, according to your taste and according to what suits your project.

Digital Marketing

Design advertising campaigns strategically and spread your message about your products through all available media

Graphic Design

Translate what you want to say to your audience in visual effects and innovative designs so that your message reaches them successfully.


Rowatek strives to provide the best service at the best price and we are always happy to receive your requests around the clock.

Publish your business with our digital marketing services team

Now the whole world owns all digital devices of all kinds and this is the right time to own your own yard and launch your brand in the digital world through a website, online store, mobile app, or even internet ads.
Let’s do it and go digital now, build a strong relationship with your target audience and open the way for them to communicate with you anytime and wherever you are.

Do not hesitate to contact us, Rowatek we always strive to provide you with the best.

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