Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Take the opportunity

You have the opportunity now to build a strong community that is more interactive with your content and increase conversion rates, through advertising and advertising campaigns, marketing and advertising campaigns that we carry out for you, through our team of specialists in the field of e-marketing and promoting your products to increase your profits.
In Rowatek , we establish or create social media accounts and create the necessary designs for the accounts with writing creative content for daily, weekly or monthly publications and creating the necessary designs for them (graphic designs – motion graphics videos) with downloading and publishing the posts (publications) on the accounts of social networking sites that We manage it on your behalf according to a clear plan and schedule.

Integrated services in the field of digital marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Build strong relationships with your audience and fans through a marketing plan for your social media channels.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Spread the benefits of your business and attract more visitors and those interested in your brand through content marketing plans.

Publicity and Announcement
Publicity and Announcement

Advertise your products and services with specific, attractive and smart ads that target your audience directly.

Why us?

At Rowatek, we market your project, whether it is on the ground or online, with a set of modern techniques to reach a large number of potential customers, and marketing is usually on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and launching and managing advertising campaigns funded on all the aforementioned platforms.

Stages of work

Action Plan

We develop a complete action plan in line with the client's vision and goals, in the light of which the rest of the steps are prepared and implemented

Initializing accounts

We configure your social media accounts: (Design the cover for Facebook and Twitter, put all the information and links for the company or organization, put an expressive marketing description, choose the appropriate names for the accounts)

Interactive flyers

Designing interactive content (text, images, infographics, GIFs, video) in the form of interactive questions, information and tips, puzzles, information about the products and services provided by the client, at a fixed rate of publications per day.

Performance monitoring and evaluation reports.

Transparent monthly reports.

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